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Teach & Play

Teach & Play
Move Your Life & Teaching Career to New Zealand 🇳🇿 

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Why Should I Move to New Zealand

New Zealand is a sustainable long term option for both you and your family (or future family)

New Zealand is a migrant country with a welcoming society that celebrates diversity and that genuinely invites new arrived people into the local community.  New Zealand is a place that you and your family can lay down proper roots and feel at home.  


Some benefits of teaching in New Zealand:

  • Competitive salary level (generally NZ$60-80k per year (¥270-350k per year) for teachers with a bit of experience (¥22-30k per month)

  • Free education for children in New Zealand's world class public education system

  • Great public health care for you and your family (medical treatment is usually either completely free or very low cost)

  • Become a New Zealand Resident after 2 years on a work visa

  • Become a New Zealand Citizen & Passport Holder after 5 years of residency (for both you and your family)

  • Accessibility to Nature - Every town/city in New Zealand has very accessible nature, allowing you to enjoy a balanced lifestyle with after work beachside walks, ocean swims (or surf) and nature hikes as well as weekend road trips.

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What are the requirements?

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Applicants need to have teaching  qualifications to get a teacher role work visa.

Qualifications required to get a teacher role work visa in New Zealand:

  • Bachelor of Education; OR

  • PGCE (note: "iPGCE"s are not accepted); OR

  • Masters of Education

World Class Work / Lifestyle Balance

New Zealand has a huge teacher shortage - qualified overseas teachers are in high demand

The Steps to Finding Your Teaching Job in New Zealand:

  1. Sign up using the form on this page

  2. We assess your eligibility

  3. We assist you with the process of becoming a registered teacher in New Zealand, as well as job placement and work visa application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will I get paid?

New Zealand teacher salaries are usually around NZ$60-80k per year (¥270-350k per year / 22-30k per month)


2. What is New Zealand like?

You can rewatch Lord of Rings (which was filmed there) or check out this short YouTube clip below:

There's also a decent written summary of life in New Zealand here.


3. Are there VISA eligibility requirements?

Yes. The New Zealand government requires that you:

    i. Have a teaching qualification (BEd, PGCE, MEd)

    ii. Are from a native English speaking country OR           have passed an English proficiency standard               such as IELTS or TOEFL

    iii. Have a clean criminal record

​NOTE: Check if your teaching qualifications are on the New Zealand Government's pre-approved list (CLICK LINK HERE)

4. What are the jobs like?

New Zealand teaching jobs are relatively chilled with most school hours going from 8:30am - 3pm.  The New Zealand system has integrity and doesn't tolerate helicopter parents. School management also side with their staff on student disciplinary matters. 


5. What's the deal with Accommodation?

Rental accommodation is easy to find.  A typical rental property in New Zealand will be house with a back yard and a garage. Here is New Zealand's most popular website for finding rental properties for your reference. 

6. Can I bring my partner and/or family?

Yes, absolutely. Partners and kids can get family visas and kids will get world class education free of charge through New Zealand's public school system.

7. Living costs?

2nd hand cars are very cheap in New Zealand and a reasonable car can be purchased for around NZ$3000 (¥14,000) or even less if you go bargain hunting..

Restaurant Lunch/Dinner: NZ$15-25 (¥70-120

1 week of groceries: NZ$120 (¥500)

Mobile Phone Plan: NZ$30 (¥130) / month

Rent: Renting a room in a decent house will cost around NZ$250 (¥1200) per week

8. How long will my contract be for?

Employment contracts with schools in New Zealand are generally for 12 or 24 months.

9. Transport

New Zealand has good public transport, however it's highly recommended to pick up a car on arrival.  2nd hand cars are very cheap and if you already have a driver's license in your home country then you're legally able to drive without having to do any additional driving licence testing or admin.  Here is New Zealand's largest online platform for buying used cars to give you an idea of costs.

10. How do I sort a visa?

We provide full support for preparing visa documents and processing your visa.

11. What is the timeline and costs for coming to New Zealand?


Week 1

  • Register Interest with Teach & Play

  • Online Job Interview


Week 2

  • We apply for your New Zealand Teaching Council teacher registration - cost: NZ$450 (¥2000)

    • the processing time is 4-6 weeks and we start the job placement interview process during this wait)

      • Note: Teacher registration needs to be done to show New Zealand schools that you are genuinely committed to moving to New Zealand and to show that you are taking steps towards obtaining everything you are required to have for an employer to apply for a work visa for you. 


Week 3 - Week 7

  • Job placement interviews + job offer

    • We assist you with connecting with schools that have teacher vacancies that your qualifications and experience are suited to.


Week 7 

  • Once job placement is complete, we begin the work visa application process.

    • Processing time: 4-6 weeks

    • Cost: Note that a teaching practicing certificate needs to be obtained at this stage (cost: around NZ$550 (¥2600)

Week 11-13

  • Obtain visa and fly to New Zealand ✈️🇳🇿

NOTE:  New Zealand schools currently have huge numbers of teacher vacancies and many can take new teachers on mid-term.  The academic year is from Feb-Dec, however teachers can arrive later in the school term if necessary (this is to be negotiated and discussed with the employer of course!). 

12. What are the total costs for coming to New Zealand?

  • Flights from China to New Zealand cost around NZ$700 (¥3500)

  • Teacher registration: NZ$450 (¥2000)

  • Teacher practicing certificate: NZ$550 (¥2600)

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