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Work a 35hr week. Make +40k/month.
After tax.

Run by laowai, for laowai!

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Let us guess...

You're probably already working a part-time job...

They say "Hustlin Ain't Easy"... but what if it was? We take the hassle out of the hustle. A perfectly crafted 35 hour work week that maximises your time, so that you can earn big. If you are looking to save money, or just live a baller lifestyle, this option is for you.

What are the requirements?

You need to be keen to work hard. +40k doesn't come easy.

This 35 hour work week has eliminated office hours, and maximised paid teaching time. Don't waste your valuable time on admin. Maximised teaching hours = maximised pay. This opportunity is not for the faint of heart - you're in this for a good time, not a long time. Get in, get out - fatten up your bank balance. Do this for 12 months and you can expect to walk away with ¥400,000 in savings. 

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Live like a King 👑

We guarantee - you'll have more money than you know what to do with. Make the most of this opportunity, and you can change the rest of your life. 

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Save HUGE Cash

Live Like A King

Kickstart Your Life

Save up to ¥400,000 per year, earning +40k/month after tax

China isn't expensive to begin with... imagine your life with +40k/month!

12 months in China could be equivalent to 3-5 years of work at home. Be smarter.



How Do I Join?

Fill out our 1 minute form and we will connect with you via WeChat!
No CV required.

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