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1. How much will I get paid?

Salaries are paid by the school and are usually CNY16,000 - 30,000/month. This equates to USD$2400 - $3600/month. You can earn much more on top of this if you take on a few private tutoring hours or have China experience. (Currency Converter)


2. What is China like?

China is the center of the universe. If you want it, it's here. We guarantee no lifestyle sacrifices - you'll have a ball. Check out TimeOutBeijing or TimeOutShenzhen for inspiration.


3. Are there VISA requirements?

Yes. For this opportunity, China requires that you:

    i. Have a passport from either USA, Canada,        AUS, NZ, UK, Ireland, SA or Jamaica. AND

    ii. Have a University Bachelors Degree or            above (any degree qualifies). AND

    iii. Have a clean criminal record


Special considerations can be made for people already in China.


4. What are the jobs like?

Schools in China are awesome. All your classes are taught in English. Most of the jobs are English teaching jobs, but you will have a choice on what you teach. You can also select to teach any age group you'd like. Teaching hours are usually 15-25 per week and no evening or weekend work ;)


5. What's the deal with Accommodation?

You will have an accommodation fund as part of your salary package.  Some schools will provide free accommodation although schools do not commonly offer this to teachers with less teaching experience.

6. Accommodation cost?

CNY3,000 - 4,000/month. (Currency Converter)

Most landlords require 2-3 months of rent in advance. 

7. Any language barriers?

Living in China is definitely easier if you speak the language, but most of us can't. It's entirely possible to exist here super comfortably without language skills.  If you want to learn Chinese then there's no better place to learn! 


8. Can I bring my partner and/or family?

Yes. We can find opportunities for your partner too.  Spouse VISA's are a thing as well.  Most schools will assist with covering education cost for dependents.  Partners and families are made to feel welcome at all our opportunities. 

Apply Now

Please be aware that only applicants currently in China should be using the "Apply - Already In China" link. If you are currently not in China, please use the "Apply - Not Yet In China" link.

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