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Full Legal Support

Receive Full Legal Support When Changing to One of Our Jobs

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Don't let legal issues stop you getting your dream job!

Need Legal Help to Leave Your Current Job?

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Many employers in China try to prevent foreign teachers from changing jobs

Unfortunately a lot of schools and agencies in China try to coerce their foreign teachers into staying in their current jobs by playing tricks with teachers' visa documents, transfer documents and by placing booby-trap clauses in employment contracts that impose financial penalties for leaving. Despite this, if you are equipped with knowledge of China's labour law and have a good strategy then there is nothing an employer can do to stop you from changing jobs

Common Problem # 1

Employer not giving you work permit transfer documents?

This issue is unfortunately extremely common in China.  China's labour law was written before the current work permit system was developed which means it has no mention of foreign workers' work permit transfer documents, resulting in there being no obvious legal recourse available for foreigners who have their transfer documents unfairly withheld by their employer.  If you are armed with the knowledge of what to do in this situation then despite what your current employer would like you to think, you can still transfer job without the need for transfer documents if you prepare alternative documents correctly and use the proper strategy.

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Common Problem #2

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Employer Financially Penalising You For Leaving Your Job?

This issue is all too common in China despite the fact it's blatantly illegal as per China's Labour Law.  Although the law is on the side of the employee in this situation, it is extremely important to properly understand the law in order to have a strategy for changing jobs that will minimise the financial and legal leverage your employer has over you and to make sure you don't make any costly mistakes that leave you without the ability to legally live in China and/or register a new work permit with your new employer.

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