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 All New! 

The 3 Day Weekend Has Arrived!

Teach Less, Live More. Did we mention that there were no office hours?

Run by laowai, for laowai!

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Stop working so much!

Image by Theodor Lundqvist

No Office Hours.

3 Day Weekend.

What more could you want?

Our weekends are a valuable asset, and we often take them for granted. However, when was the last time you took a 3 day weekend for granted? For some reason, we always try to make the most of our extended weekends... so what happens when every weekend is 50% longer? Make the most of your time in China and work less. 

What are the requirements?

This is a very special opportunity, so all our roles are in Beijing right now.

We canvased hundreds of schools to find this opportunity. This teaching schedule is unrivalled. On top of that, you don't need to sacrifice your salary. All of these roles are on par with standard Tier 1 market rates. Join us in Beijing and take control of your lifestyle. 

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Get 50% More Weekends

We guarantee - You won't regret it.

Image by Sam Beasley

Travel More 🇨🇳

Use the extra time to visit places you've always wanted to go.

Image by Darius Bashar

Have More Personal Time 🧘

Mind-space. Wellness. "You" time. De-stress on your own schedule. 

Upgrade Yourself 🔧

What will you do with 50% more weekend? Learn a new skill and upgrade yourself.

Image by Christopher Gower

How Do I Join?

Fill out our 1 minute form and we will connect with you via WeChat!
No CV required.

Image by Brooke Cagle
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