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Play Football in China

Join Our Football Clubs. 
We'll Get You A Well Paid Job Teaching English!

No Experience Required.

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Did you know?

Most teaching jobs in  China require work on weekends...

Luckily, this isn't the case for our jobs! As avid players ourselves, it is painful seeing the thousands of players that come to China, ending up with jobs that make playing football impossible!


Thats why all our jobs are football-friendly! 

What are the requirements?

Players need to have a Bachelors Degree to qualify.

For us to get players a job, they need to be eligible for a China Work Visa. This means they need to have a clean criminal record & have completed a Bachelors Degree or higher

This isn't a club requirement, as that would be silly, but it is a visa requirement, so we are stuck with it...

Soccer Training

Why Us?

First & foremost, we are here to build up the sport we love. We are genuinely passionate about football in China & we want to share that with you. This isn't a Job Search, it's a Football Club hunt - and that's way more fun!


Lifestyle First Jobs

Multiple Skill Leagues

Competitive Salary

Weekends & evenings free. You'll be surprised how rare this is!

Weekend warriors &

high-level players welcome! We've got a F.C. for you!

You'll be living the high life! Low cost of living, cheap social & all Asia to explore.

What Our Players Say

James U. 🇬🇧

Charlie Y. 🇺🇸

Sully N. 🇬🇧

I was quite skeptical when I first heard about Teach & Play... it sounded too good to be true! I booked a call & spoke with the lads, 6 weeks later I am on the ground in China!

I love football & I love travelling. This opportunity was made for me!

The 1-on-1 support was key and made the transition to my new club super simple.

Not going to lie, the social life in China is next level! I am very grateful to the lads for setting this up. The club really got around me when I landed & I am pumped for the season!

The best [day] & [night] life ever?


"China is the perfect mix of sophisticated futurism & budget-cut crazy..."

You've never been anywhere like China. It is what you imagine Tokyo would be like if everything was 50% cheaper & everyone was drinking redbull.

There is nothing quite like a post-match social when "budget constraints" have been removed from the team vocabulary! 

How Do I Join?

Fill out our 1 minute form and we will connect with you via WeChat!
No CV required.

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