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Never Work Weekends

Again! 🎉

Work hours in China can be horrible & no one likes working evenings or weekends.


At Teach & Play, we only provide well paid roles, in Beijing, Shenzhen & Shanghai, with no weekends & no evening work - guaranteed. Don't hate your time in China. With us, you'll get a job that allows you to be social, play sport on the weekends or simply spend more time with your friends!

Teachers in China often feel trapped in their contracts. We guarantee you - No matter where you work, who for, or what your contract states, if you get one of our jobs, we will make sure you can accept it.   

Did you know that many of the contractual penalties for leaving a job early are actually illegal? We'll help you navigate situations like this. You deserve better.

Make your China experience everything you imagined it could be, don't suffer for anything less than the best time of your life!

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Did you know?


80% of teaching jobs in  China require work on weekends...

Luckily, this isn't the case for our jobs! You deserve access to the amazing social life China has to offer. 


Thats why all our jobs are "social-life-friendly"! Meaning you'll never work an evening or weekend again! No experience required. 

No matter who you are, we'd love to tap you into our network of friendly, social expats. Join a huge, international group of girls & guys that are making the most of their time in China.

Did you know?

Many teachers feel that they are trapped in their contracts.

The crazy thing is, its totally untrue! That's simply what employers wants teachers to think, so that they don't leave... If that isn't toxic, we don't know what is.

Guaranteed visa transfer. No matter what.


No matter what your situation, if you are accepted into one of jobs, we will ensure that you won't have any visa or financial issues joining us. 


We know the game better than they do. We've got you. 

Signing Contract

People always ask us how much we charge...

Everything we do is 100% free 💰


  • Job Placement

  • Visa Support

  • Work Permit Transfer Support

  • Contract Advice

  • Contract Termination Support

  • Plugging You Into Our Social Channels


We live in China too 🇨🇳

We know this sounds too good to be true. Scammers, dodgy agents... we've seen them all. It can often look pretty grim out there...

But our point of difference is pretty simple... If you come with us, you are joining an established network of people that made a choice to prioritise lifestyle & enjoyment. We'll throw you right into our WeChat groups & you can chat with them all! It's a no-brainer.


We've realised that you can never convince 100% of the people 100% of the time, and sometimes thats a bit sad - especially when the alternative is often so grim (evening/weekend work - yuck!). But what we can assure you of, is that if you book a chat with us, you won't be disappointed.

Let us help you make the most of your time in China 🎉

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