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Multinational Company Internships

Kickstart your career with an incredible internship, while you teach!

Run by laowai, for laowai!

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Want to build an epic resume?!

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1000's of Multinational Companies want you, now!

Multinational companies in Tier 1 cities across China are begging for international interns. However, these roles are often unpaid and overlap with standard working hours. Don't worry, we've solved everything. We've designed our teaching roles to perfectly align with your ideal internship position. Start building a stellar resume, while saving money on a ¥20k-¥30k salary. Chinese language NOT REQUIRED.

What are the requirements?

You need to want to build an epic resume.

What did you study at University? Design? Engineering? Business? Law? The Arts? There are incredible Internship opportunities just waiting for you. You don't need to bankrupt yourself either... Our jobs have been perfectly crafted to run parallel to your internship. Earn great cash and build a resume that will get you a dream job back home. 

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Tier 1 Internships 🏦

We Guarantee - In 1 year, you'll be moving on to bigger and better things.

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Interns Get Jobs

Outcompete the competition with a kick-ass international resume.


Build A Network

Your network will be invaluable. Especially your in China contacts. 

Kickstart a Career

Intern with Companies you can build a lifelong career with.

Quick Sync

How Do I Join?

Book A Quick 10 Minute Call With Us. We'll Talk You Through It!

In our experience, a quick call is the best way to get all your questions answered. All calls are free, happen on ZOOM & don't require any commitment! We use these calls to learn about you & help find you the perfect job.

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