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Teach & Play

Teach & Play
Play Football in China

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Why Should I Come To China?

It's A Football (soccer) Players Heaven!

We've tailored the perfect jobs to sync seamlessly with football. You'll get paid well and the have the opportunity play football with expats and locals alike! Join us at football clubs in your city competitions (leagues are available for any level) and tour with your squad across China. 

Teaching English in China is the foot in the door that allows you to earn a good salary to cover your financial needs (US$2,500-3,500 per month) while also giving you the flexibility to play football and develop your own professional network (most English teaching jobs in China have 15-25 teaching hours per week).

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Play your favourite  type of football

There Are 100's Of Clubs And Leagues Across China!

Whether it's indoors or outdoors, 5's or 7's, or a more traditional grassy 11 on a Saturday morning, football in China has something for everyone. With some of the oldest and most established social clubs and leagues in Asia, you'll be entering a part of Asian football history. 

Did you know? The earliest documented form of football was developed in China during the Han dynasty, in the second and third centuries BCE. It was locally called Cuju or Tsu' Chu. This is in fact the earliest form of football worldwide for which there is documentary evidence, which comes in the form of a military training manual. Cuju was used as the primary form of military fitness in China at the time!

Same - same, but different!

All The Best Parts Of Football Back Home. But Cheaper, Crazier & Far More Social. 

The football clubs you'll join in China have been around the block a few times. They've got the old geezers, the young guns, the lazy defenders, and the strikers that haven't scored a goal in 2 seasons. The best parts of home are here, but the expensive pints and low-key socials are a thing of the past. 

With a teaching salary, you'll be touring with your squad regularly, buying rounds for the lads that cost as much as a single glass back home, and ripping it up on the pitch every weekend.

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What are the requirements?

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Players need to have a Bachelors Degree to qualify.

For us to get you a teaching job in China, you need to be eligible for a China Work Visa. This means you need to have a clean criminal record & have completed a Bachelors Degree or higherHowever, there is NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE or TEACHING QUALIFICATIONS required. If you meet the above requirements, we can get you teaching a job that will allow you to explore your football ambitions in the world's best playground for young (and young at heart) football players!

World Class Lifestyle & Nightlife

"China is the perfect mix of sophisticated futurism & low cost living..."

As well as having some of the most vivid football leagues you'll find anywhere, China also offers a stimulating lifestyle and world class nightlife. China's international community is extremely diverse and includes a large enclave of energetic players, teachers and entrepreneurs from all around the globe who will be both your support group and a source of inspiration for what you can achieve yourself.  Your new community will possess all the knowledge and connections needed for you to succeed and tour/travel the country.

Aside from the football and thriving social scene, China is incredibly rich in culture and cuisine. Whether it's visiting ancient temples or sampling Shanghai's best street food, China offers adventure for even the most discerning wanderlust.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will I get paid?

Salaries are paid by the school and are usually CNY16,000 - 22,000/month. This equates to USD$2400 - $3400/month. You can earn much more on top of this if you take on a few private tutoring hours or have China experience. (Currency Converter)


2. What is China like?

China is the center of the universe. If you want it, it's here. We guarantee no lifestyle sacrifices - you'll have a ball. Check out TimeOutBeijing or TimeOutShenzhen for inspiration.


3. Are there VISA eligibility requirements?

Yes. For this opportunity, China requires that you:

    i. Have a passport from either USA, Canada,        AUS, NZ, UK, Ireland, SA or Jamaica. AND

    ii. Have a University Bachelors Degree or            above (any degree qualifies). AND

    iii. Have a clean criminal record

4. What are the jobs like?

Teaching China is a stimulating and fun experience. All your classes are taught in English. Most jobs for foreign teachers in China are English teacher roles. jobs are English teaching jobs.  We have different school types and student level groups available from kindergarten all the way up to high school. Teaching hours are usually 15-25 per week leaving you plenty of time for learning Chinese, making friends in your home away from home and enjoying everything that China has to offer.


5. What's the deal with Accommodation?

You will have an accommodation fund as part of your salary package.  We also have some schools that provide free accommodation although schools do not commonly offer this to teachers without teaching experience.

6. Accommodation cost?

CNY2,000 - 4,000/month. (Currency Converter)

USD$300 - $650/month

Most landlords require 2 months of rent in advance however there are accommodation options where you can pay month-by-month

7. Any language barriers?

Living in China is definitely easier if you speak the language, but most of us can't. It's entirely possible to exist here super comfortably without language skills.  If you want to learn Chinese then there's no better place to learn! With regular part time study you can become fluent in Chinese within 12 months.

8. Can I bring my partner and/or family?

Yes. We can find opportunities for your partner too.  Spouse VISA's are a thing as well.  Most schools will assist with covering education cost for dependents.  Partners and families are made to feel welcome at all our opportunities. 

9. Living costs?

Beers: $0.5 (Stores) $1.5-5 (Bars)

30 min Taxi/Uber: $5-8 (super cheap)

Subway ride: $1-1.5

Western Restaurant Lunch/Dinner: $6-15

Chinese Restaurant Lunch/Dinner:$2-8

Weeks worth of groceries: $20

Mobile Phone Plan: $5-10 / month

10. How long will my contract be for?

Employment contracts with schools in China are generally for between 10-24 months.  Shorter term contracts are not available.  Keep in mind that it's always possible to leave China before the end of your contract if you have to leave for personal reasons or another opportunity elsewhere.

11. Do I need to do quarantine when I arrive in China?

Everyone is required to do 14 days of hotel quarantine when entering China regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not.  Quarantine hotels are comfortable with 3 meals a day delivered to your door.  Additional food delivery is usually permitted and can be arranged through one of China's many "Uber Eats" type apps.  Quarantine usually costs CNY 5000-7000 (USD $750-1000) but is paid for by your employer either upfront or through reimbursement.

12. Do I need to be vaccinated to come?

No.  You do not need a covid vaccination to come to China.  The visa process is slightly faster if you've had a Chinese made vaccine, however Chinese made vaccines are not widely available outside of China.  

13. How do I sort a visa?

We provide full support for preparing visa documents, processing your visa and the pre-flight covid test procedure.  

14. What is the timeline and costs for coming to China?


Week 1

  • Register Interest with Teach & Play

  • Online Job Interview


Week 2

  • Obtain Formal Job Offer

  • Start Preparing Visa Documents:

    • Police Clearance From Own Country (processing time 1-10 days depending on country)

      • NZ/AUS/USA/IRE/SA/CAN: Free

      • UK: £40

    • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate - NOTE: this certificate is issued INSTANTLY upon purchase with the course work being done at a later date if you choose

      • COST: $100

    • Take a SCAN / PHOTO of your University Degree Certificate


Week 3 - Week 7

  • Visa Document Authentication - We guide you through this process to make sure it is done correctly

    • Cost & Processing Time

      • UK: £225 / 4 Weeks

      • NZ: NZ$250 / 2 Weeks

      • AUS: AU$300 / 3 Weeks

      • IRE: €200 / 4 Weeks

      • USA: $300-450 / 3-4 Weeks

      • CAN: $300 / 3-4 Weeks

      • RSA: R3000 / 6 Weeks


Week 7

  • Apply for Visa at Chinese Embassy / Consulate / Visa Centre

    • Processing time: 4-7 days

    • COST: $150-200 (depending on country of issue)

Week 8

  • Fly to China

    • COST: $400-800 (reimbursed by employer)

NOTE:  The timeline for coming to China can be reduced to 4-5 weeks if needed.

15. What are the total costs for coming to China?

  • US$600 (approx) for Visa Document Preparation & Authentication (this cost is reimbursed by SOME SELECT employers, however this cost must be covered personally by the teacher with most employers in China.

  • US$400-800 for Flights (this cost is reimbursed by all employers)

16. Is China Safe?

Generally speaking, tier 1 cities in China are safer than most major cities in western countries.  People living in China enjoy a very high level of personal safety and freedom due to good law and order, strong economic growth and cultural norms which keep most of society on the straight and narrow.  Chinese people are extremely friendly towards foreigners so there is no barrier to making local friends (or girlfriends / boyfriends for that matter!).

17. Will I be able to learn Chinese

With regular part time study you can achieve fluency in Chinese within 12 months.  Many employers provide free Chinese lessons and local colleagues will always be happy to help you practice your newly learnt language.

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